We all know that #HomeisLove.  This Valentine´s Day, we would like to kickstart our campaign to share love with Manuela and her family in Lake Atitlan.

Manuela and her husband, Pedro, live in a sheet metal home in a community outside of the Lake Atitlan área. Manuela is a housewife.  Pedro is diabetic and is unable to walk.  Their two sons, Francisco and Felipe, work as day laborers to provide for the family. Their total monthly income is about $125 a month.  Ana Manuela, the youngest daughter, has Down´s Syndrome and receives  therapy from our local partner organization, ADISA.

The sheet metal in their house is very old.  It has holes in it and the wind, rain, and cold enter the house.    They cook over an open flame, and the air in the house is contaminated by smoke.

Thanks to your donation, Constru Casa will be building a concrete block home with bathroom!  This new house will be a home of their own and a blessing to the family, and would not be possible without your help!

Thank you for helping Manuela get her dream house

    By donating you are taking an important role in the house building process!

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